Best Motion Detection Camera in India 2020 | Review

Best Motion Detection Camera in India 2020 | Review

Best Motion Detection Camera in India 2020 | Best IP Camera System

CCTV camera’s play a very vital role in securing our Office, Workspace & Home. This CCTV cameras not only keep an eye at our valuable things they also assure us that our things are fully safe. With this advancement in technology , CCTV cameras are also upgrading to next levels. So here in this article we are presenting you the Best Motion Detection Cameras for your Workspace , office & your home. 

best motion detecion camera in india

1. YI Home Camera Wireless IP Motion Detection Camera

YI motion detection camera

Key Features :

  • Records in 720p HD 
  • 2-way audio : Built-in Microphone & Speaker
  • 111° wide-angle lens
  • 940nm Infrared Non-Invasive Sensor
  • 4x Digital Zoom
  • Built-in 2.4Ghz WiFi – Reliable Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Secure your videos on a micro SD card 
  • Realtime Streaming
  • Activity alerts when motion is detected

YI Home Camera Wireless IP Motion Detection Camera Review :

YI Home Camera is an IP camera which is having a lots of features that fulfils your requirements. With this camera you can monitor and control your home anytime.

The YI camera is having 111° wide-angle glass lens in 720p HD resolution & this wide angle also gives you a panorama view.You can zoom upto 4x and focus in the smallest details.

Talking about the Night Vision feature, it is very powerful via the support of 940mm infrared sensor that functions even in total dark environments, without disturbing those being monitored. Even the room is totally dark you don’t need to worry about.

The Camera comes with 2 way audio system , the advanced microphone & speaker helps you listen whats going on in the environment. 

Right after you install the camera you need to install the YI Home App. Setup your camera as instructed in the Guide menu and you are good to go & now you can live stream the video on you mobile.There are many customised features on YI Home App Define Activity Zone, Alert frequency, Night Vision IR Lighting Controls, Alert Schedules, Camera Sharing, Motion Detection Sensitivity Levels .

The main feature of this camera is the Motion Detection. This feature helps you to keep an eye on your valuable things and this feature sends you notifications on your mobile whenever there is a motion is detected so you don’t need to worry about. 

With 128-bit SSL Encryption, 2048-bit RSA Key Leading security protection and an optional PIN code to access your videos there are no possibilities of getting hacked in to your CCTV Camera.

The camera supports 8-32GB microSD cards. An 8 GB SD card can record up to 18 hours. When the card is full, it will automatically delete the first hour of video and continue recording.


  • Easy to install.
  • Records only if any movement happens & saves memory
  • 5 days of recordings in 32 Gb SD Card
  • Notification in mobile at the beginning of any movement happens 
  • We can rotate camera view in app 


  • No Wall/Ceiling Mount Accessory Provided.

2. D-link Wi-Fi Home Motion Detection Camera 

dlink motion detection camera

Key Features :

  • Store your data on MY-Dlink cloud 
  • Access footage anytime , anywhere
  • Ultra small size 
  • 720p HD quality video
  • Day & night Camera 
  • Sound and motion detection 
  • Video Recording 
  • 120-degree viewing angle

D-link Wi-Fi Home Motion Detection Camera Review :

This D-link WiFi Home Motion Detection Camera ranges around 1700 Indian Rupees. This motion detection camera also has a lot of features. 

Talking about the Camera is a compact wireless network camera suitable for day and night time environments.

The Mini HD Wi-Fi Camera allows you to monitor your home or office 24/7 day or night whether you are at home or not. Built-in night vision together with motion and sound detection, alerts you instantly when something unexpected happens.

It notifies you instantly whenever it detects any motion around thanks to the advanced motion detection sensor. The camera comes with a 120-degree wide viewing angle and 4x digital pinch-to-zoom.

The Night Vision feature works good with the built-in infrared LED. The size of the camera is so small that you can place it anywhere within your space. You can see upto 5 meters in the dark.

The camera is very easy to setup. Just Power On the device and Launch the My Dlink App & proceed with the instruction and you are good to go. You can save your live videos to your mobile.


  • Compact
  • Simple installation procedure
  • Captures images and sound well
  • Reliable software with rich features for setting motion control
  • Can click pictures and record videos on the mobile phone
  • Can record motion triggered videos on the cloud automatically


  • Could not find an option to set motion/noise triggered recording on the mobile itself
  • No SDCard support
  • No speaker for return voice communication 

3. Godrej Eve Nx Smart Home Motion Detection Camera

Godrej Eve nx motion detection camera

Key Features :

  • Smart Phone Viewing
  • Wi-Fi Enabled
  • Night Vision
  • Motion Detection
  • Built-in Mic
  • Supports 128GB SD Card
  • 1080P HD Video Quality
  • Wide Angle 105 degree   

Godrej Eve Nx Smart Home Motion Detection Camera Review :

The Godrej Eve Nx – Smart Home Motion Detection Camera is priced around 2000 Indian Rupees.

This camera is WiFi Enabled so just connect it with your Home WiFi & you and view your space live on your phone or any device.

The camera comes with good resolution support that is 1080p. With 1080p Resolution you can view clearly what’s happening in your space & even in the dark you don’t need to panic , the camera also has a Night Vision Feature that lets you view even its too dark environment.

Apart from viewing you can also listen to the voice , the camera has an in-built mic and speaker.

The camera supports upto 128 Gb SD Card so that you can record your footage. The motion detection is a bonus feature , whenever it detects some motion in the space it notifies you instantly so you don’t need to worry about.

The camera lens is wide angle lens with 105 degree so you watch the most of it. It is also very easy to install you just need to install the camera and later on install the app and you are good to go.


  • Simple to install
  • Full HD
  • Good quality of mic & speaker 
  • Unique Looks
  • Value of money
  • Support upto 128 GB sd card 


  • No Colour option

4. Mi 360° Smart Motion Detection Camera

Key Features :

  • AI motion detection alert.
  • Large Viewing angle is 110 degree
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Infrared Night Vision
  • Talkback Feature
  • Mi Camera’s 20 megapixels
  • 1080p resolution

Mi 360° Smart Motion Detection Camera Review

The Mi 360° 1080p Full HD WiFi Smart Motion Detection Camera is priced around 3000 Indian Rupees.

The Mi 360° Camera records video upto 1080p resolution with an 2.0 Megapixel camera that results in crystal clear quality .The camera has 360° Degree Vision Means Full Home Protection

The dual motor-head design enables the camera to rotate and capture a full 360° horizontal view and 96° vertical view. The camera’s shockproof design and quiet motor allow the rotation to remain smooth and silent. The camera provides Full Colour in Low Light.

The advance AI Motion detection sensor helps you whenever there is an intruder. Whenever the camera detects an intruder the camera is able to accurately determine when to alert you and notifies you on your phone.

The 2 way audio features lets you communicate , no matter where you are, you can always talk to your family using the camera.

This all-new video encoding technology allows smoother streaming and reduces bandwidth without compromising on detail. Supports Network Attached Storage (NAS). Network devices or routers with storage capabilities can be used to store files that are backed up from SD cards to NAS storage devices.

You can check on your family back home from anywhere and also fast forward through the recorded video at 2x/4x/16x speed.


  • Clarity of camera.
  • Multiple users can watch camera recording at same time.
  • Two way communication.
  • 1080p HD recording.
  • Can record videos without internet , requires internet connection after switching camera on – after that you can disconnect & recording will continue.


  • Doesn’t support AUTO 360° rotation
  • You need to keep camera connected to a power source for 24hours 
  • Application sometimes sends motion alerts after delay of 30 minutes.
  • Memory card of storage capacity greater than 64gb are not supported.

5. Qubo Smart Home Motion Detection Camera

qubo motion detection camera

Key Features :

  • 24×7 live remote monitoring 
  • 1080p FHD Camera 
  • Ultra wide Lens of 110 degree
  • Weather Resistance IP65
  • Motion Detection
  • Baby Cry alert
  • Works with Alexa
  • Infrared Night Vision
  • Up to 128GB SD Card Storage support

Qubo Smart Home Motion Detection Camera Review

The Qubo Smart Home Motion Detection Camera is priced around 3500 Indian Rupees.

The camera has 24×7 Live Remote Monitoring with 1080P FHD. The camera has comes with 110° ultra-wide-angle lens.

The Two-Way Talk feature consists of a powerful built-in speaker and mic that allows you to have loud and clear two way communication powered by echo cancellation.

This Security Camera comes with ultra-clear Night Vision. The image Sensor with 3 mm pixel size ensures better light absorption which ensures crystal clear and crisper image quality in the dark or at night.

The camera is IP65 Weather Resistant and it can work in any condition whether it is heavy rainfall, dust storm, snowfall or hot summers.

This Camera Works With Alexa Display Devices so that you can watch clearer details on bigger and different screens at a convenience of a simple voice command.

This Security Camera has a secured PKI based cloud located in India that ensures your precious moments stay private only to you.

The camera also has a Baby Cry Alert that helps you gives an instant alert as soon as it cries so that you can come to your baby’s rescue the moment it needs you.


  • Water Resistance
  • Baby Cry Alert
  • Works with Alexa
  • 128gb SD Card Support


  • No NAS Storage

6. Srihome Security Camera CCTV with Motion Tracking

srihome motion detecion camera

Key Features :

  • Motion Detection 
  • 4 cameras views at same time 
  • Auto Tracking 
  • Humanoid Alarm 
  • Privatize area for guest users
  • 1296 Ultra HD IMAGE 
  • 360 degree VIEWING ANGLE: 
  • 3.0MP image sensor 
  • Night Vision

Srihome Security Camera CCTV with Motion Tracking Review :

The Srihome WiFi 3MP Ultra HD 1296p IP Security Camera CCTV with Motion Tracking is priced around 2200 Indian Rupees.

This security camera has Smart Motion Tracking feature that can track any normal or abnormal motion movements within the environment. You can also enable the auto tracking motion in the camera’s setting to allow it to automatically track movement and rotate itself.

The Two Way Audio feature helps You communicate with the person on the camera’s end even if you are thousands of kilometres away with the built in speakers and microphone.

It provides a complete 360 degree coverage into your monitor/screen to give you a view of every corner of a room. 

The IP camera has IR (Infrared) LEDs that can help you keep an eye on your environment even when it is completely dark. It can see upto night vision range of 10 metres. 

The camera supports memory cards from 4GB to 128GB.

You can monitor your room even when you are away using you mobile phone, the camera can be connected to a network to stream live footage. It supports 5 authorised members at the same time.


  • Nice quality picture in HD 
  • 2 way voice communication system
  • Night vision is really good.
  • Notification system is simply amazing
  • Humaniod detection is really cool.
  • It easily reconnects back to the internet if it internet goes offline and then get back.


  • You cannot share videos or screenshots.

So here we conclude with the “Made In India” Best Motion Detector Camera in India 2020 
Head over and buy the best you like from this article.

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